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The Shamrock Wrestling club trains two separate teams: Green Team & Gold National Team.  Each level has its own set of requirements and expectations for the athletes.  Pick which team you believe your athlete applies to and fill out the registrations forms.  Bring them to any training session.  We are teaching our athletes how to be successful and how to become leaders.  The expectation bar is set high for our youth athletes and we assist them in gaining the confidence and their own inner strength to meet those expectations.  

Green Team provides mentoring, training and basic wrestling skill sets for the beginner through novice skill levels.  Usually 1st through 3rd year wrestlers.  Athletes are instilled skills off the mat such as goal setting, correct attitude toward classroom achievement, accountability and personal responsibility.  Wrestlers will also be introduced to the physical and mental training necessary to be competitive and achieve success on the mat and in life.  Click on the GreenTeam tab for printable registration, waiver, information and medical forms to register.   

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Gold National Team provides mentoring, training and elite level wrestling skill sets for the highest level wrestler competing in elite level competitions nation wide.  Usually 5th year and up wrestling experience is required.  Gold Team wrestlers are held to a very high standard on and off the mat. Grade point averages, teacher recommendations, leadership traits, high level of integrity and personal accountability are just some examples of the requirements of Gold Team athletes.  Gold Team members are selected and must maintain a high level of performance on and off the mat to remain on the Gold Team.  

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